About the Creator of Templerotica


Jozey (they/them) is a holistic practitioner whose work centers people who experience chronic pain particularly complex pain such as pelvic, nerve, and or injury related discomfort. They have experience working with Doctors of Pelvic Floor Physical therapy as well as Spa environments and holistic clinics. Jozey enjoys infusing energetic elements into their massage & bodywork with sound healing, aromatherapy, a trauma-informed approach, and awareness of the interconnected nature of the whole body. 

Their  offerings include herbal medicines, movement practices, workshops, guided rituals, massage therapy, yoga, and more. They aim to support the connection between mind, body, and spirit through embodiment, consent, and pleasure practices. 

Templerotica works with people who navigate complex work environments in which the pleasure of others is our specialty, so in turn, we offer experiences, workshops, and herbal medicines that center the pleasure and healing of all kinds of swers. We recognize the need for wellness spaces that offer unique support, care, and tools for people in the adult industry. All swers deserve access to safe spaces for their transformative healing and growth. 

Templerotica supports you in a variety of modalities to find balance, rejuvenation, community support, and connection with yourself and the earth so that you can thrive. 




~ Certified & Licensed massage therapist

~ Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

~ Red Tent Menstruation educator & Facilitator

~ Healing Hands School of Holistic Health

~ SteamyChick Pelvic Steam Facilitator Training

~ 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Core Power Yoga