Interview with Founder of Templerotica: Jozey Moon

Interview with Founder of Templerotica: Jozey Moon

Interview with Founder of Templerotica Jozey Moon (They/Them)

Jozey is a non-binary queer swer of over 7 years and has experience as a community organizer for swer rights & advocacy. 

Who or where were you in life before you started Templerotica? 

As a stripper with limited access to community, I was feeling isolated and experiencing chronic pain. I was burnt-out, and felt at a loss for where to find other people in the industry with aligned values. I wanted to be in community with people who understood the struggles, joys, and lifestyle of our industry. Because our jobs are so physically, emotionally and spiritually labor intensive, I  found comfort with herbal medicine, movement practices, rituals & meditation and nature-immersive experiences. 

What obstacles or challenges did you face?

As a baby-swer I wish I had more support and community to grow with and now as years have gone by I struggle with the toll our work takes on the body and the discomforts of chronic pain. I am challenged by the energetic intensity of the work I do and seek to share ways to stay spiritually protected, balanced, and in sync with my cycles. I struggle as a non-binary swer whos work emphasizes the importance of sexual desire, femininity, and beauty. I struggle with the trauma of sexual assault, retaliation, disconnection, dissociation, and feelings of conflict and unresolve in my body and nervous system. I still face these challenges and i  imagine that other swers do too, this is why i find so much meaning and purpose in Templerotica. To me, its not just a business its a vision for a collective of resources, offerings, people who can create a community together that serves swers, queer folks, bipoc and other marginalized identities. 

At what point did you realize that other people were struggling with the same things?

When I began hosting s3xwrker healing circles, many of the people expressed a desire and need for these kinds of spaces. I realized that they are almost non-existent. I realized It was a unique offering that many people don't have access to.

 What solution did you create to help yourself and others overcome? 

I offer practices and medicines that can help support our bodies, minds, and spirits to feel more connected and embodied in our busy lives.  I believe we can overcome a great deal of grief, sadness, isolation and oppression as a collective community as we heal and grow together to create spaces that center our safety and wellbeing. I wanted others in our industry to feel safe, connected and experience more pleasure as well as healing in their bodies so I created Templerotica.

What do you see for the future of your brand? 

We will become a collective of healers, medicine makers, facilitators and experts in our respective field to offer nation-wide retreats, workshops and clinics. We will grow as a collective with a wellness space offering sessions, therapies, in addition a pop-up strip club that will be a co-op and venue space. 

What are the values of Templerotica? 

Connection, Embodiment, Pleasure, Consent

Connection - to help people connect with themselves and each other 

Embodiment - to feel our mind, body, spirit connection and be in our bodies as we move through our work, the world, and all the different realms. 

Pleasure- Our pleasure is central to Templerotica, it is where we can feel and harness the powerful force of love in our bodies. We can access this pleasure in our bodies as our own life force, as our birthright, as a way to invite more joy into our lives. 

Consent-  There is no pleasure, connection, or embodiment without consent. Consent culture must be something we constantly work towards individually and collectively.

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